I was stuck with my studies and exams and everything so I kinda missed writing. Everytime I would think that I should write and I was getting great ideas but as I saw my books and ideas faded away. I am finished with my exams and I will write as often as I can.

I just have this for now.

You’ve got your heart racing through like nothing can stop it, your mind running in a loop. You cannot help but imagine the happy moments spent and wish they could come back. You’ve been thinking and thinking. The room’s dark, you’ve turned out the lights but the darkness doesn’t let the panic soothe to let you sleep instead you get scared of what you’ll see in your dreams. You try to relish what you have had. In the morning, you don’t feel like doing anything and at night, you feel crushed by the feelings that gather on your chest like a heavy weight. You don’t know what this is all about. You feel happy but at the same time you want to slam your head against the wall as hard as you can. You’ve tried the best you could but maybe it was never meant to be. Maybe you got enough chances but you didn’t take any.

Maybe you are guilty for making things worse for you but things can get better. In the wake of misery there’s still light reaching upon and caressing your forehead and in all the fog built up in your mind, there’s still hope shining and battling it’s way through. All broken things cannot be mended easily but some things are worth the wait. Maybe you can pacify all the anger that has been building inside you and bring yourself everything you ever wished to be happy. That will be the day when you will feel that the best things in life are always worth the wait.