Three day challenge. #day3

Hey people, it’s day three and the last day for this. The quotes I picked up today are

  • We were the ones
    Walking through hell,
    Walking out of it distorted,
    Broken and with our heads on fire.
    The ones who died a little each day
    And had to learn how to
    Deal with it.
    The deranged.
    The confused.
    The lost and the forgotten.
    We were the ones
    They would call mad
    We were the fallen.
    The one’s who didn’t sleep
    And still, would dream
    The ones no one understood
    We were sinking into
    Each other,
    And no one knew how to save us
    We were the ones
    Who learnt how to love.
  • We come and we go but none of us stay still enough to find the words we are meant to say.

These are two amazing quotes written by R.M. Drake. He never fails to give me life through his words. He has been one of the inspirations in me writing.

There you go, challenge completed.

It was good to share some of my favorite quotes with you all.


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