The beautiful game.

It doesn’t matter how much you hate a person, when you watch football all the fans come together. Their blood pumps together, their heart beats together. No matter how poor or rich you are, it connects us all. It’s inspiring how a goal can create so much agony or joy for many people at once. It’s heart melting to see our club win something. It’s heartbreaking to see our favorite player getting injured. It’s like an injury to our body, we feel hurt.
We sit on our couch, we won’t move or something bad will happen. We don’t blink, we are frozen. We stay as we are. Our hearts are beating faster with every breath we take. We breathe, we can hear the sound of silence. We hear it. It echoes throughout our hollow skull. The blood pumps faster and we are cold as ice. When the opponent does a foul, we shout even when we are alone. We are more loyal to our football clubs than anybody else. We don’t feel sleepy even if we have to watch a match at 3 in the morning. We wait for a week for a match and it feels like decades. Our clubs holding a trophy and seeing them happy is the best feeling in the world for a football junkie. It is called the beautiful game and it is beautiful. It’s beautiful because you forget about all your worries, all your frustrations, all your wrath for someone or something while you are watching it. Nothing’s more important.

This is how I feel as a football junkie. I feel happy. I feel content. I feel all the emotions at once. It’s the beautiful game and it will remain beautiful forever.images


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