Unheard-of feeling. 

What is this feeling about? There’s a burst of euphoria in my mind but I still feel a tad of sadness. My head is filled with thoughts and there’s heftiness like something heavy is kept upon it but I feel like dancing anyway. I feel like finally a bit of misery is being kicked away, far away from me. And, it’s for the first time. 

I always try to find something pretty in nature when looking outside the window,  but today I can’t.  The view is picturesque but this is the first time my elation seems better than anything else.  I see the skies,  the roads,  the trees. I try to read the book that I love reading but I just can’t seem to remember what’s  happening to the protagonist and the other characters.  I scratch my head in confusion, my eyes are shining bright. I hear voices that sound so pleasant, I don’t feel like shutting my ears.  The feeling that you want to jump up above as high as possible and don’t feel like coming down. I don’t know what is happening to me but I know that this is the first time I’m feeling this way. 


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