Bird Set Free. 

Looking above,  I came across a flock of birds. They were all silent as they fled across the skies of revelation and to their home. They had scars on their bodies but never did they lose their happiness. In the good old days, our teachers would ask us what we wanted to become when we get older. Our reply would be that we wanted to become a bird with our wings wide open embracing what we call nature. We would say that if we had the chance we would never shut our feathers and sit down. We wanted to explore this world in silence and never feel that some sadness will follow. What does a bird feel like when it is up and above floating and competing with the wind? The way we feel when somebody plays music that really touches our heart and we can relate to every single word that the singer is trying to convey. The way we feel when we get overjoyed by catching a glimpse of a loved one or even hearing their voices. 

Did we find an experience that’s equal to a feeling of freedom?  We got freedom but did we feel the jubilation? The birds are afraid of us. What made them like that? They would fly away when we come near to them. When the innocent was slaughtered and the world was broken down, we sat on our couch munching on snacks and watching the news for what really happened. When the missiles were thrown on the land to make it deserted, the struggle to make this land more beautiful by many people went to waste. When the hostages were killed without the murderers knowing why they are killing them and the victims knowing what they are killed for, we were asleep in our bedrooms with the air conditioner on and we’re dreaming about a life for us that will be better than the one we are living now. Why did the teenagers kill themselves when they had a way to escape their situation? Why was a particular religious cult considered terrorist, when it only taught us about peace and love? Why were the bullies hitting black people and passing out racist comments? Didn’t they have the same blood as the others? Why were some people considered untouchable? Weren’t they kind by their hearts? Why was acid thrown on people’s faces when as a child we only thought that it was for chemistry? Why were women mutilated? Weren’t they the ones who gave us birth and taught us to walk? Why were the poor people begging on the roads and asking for money when we had the chance to find them a job? 

Is there anything else to be recalled and anything worse left to happen to this world? We were only taught about unity and love in our schools. The birds serve as a reminder to what we can do to change this world. We can fly and watch our silhouette flowing beneath us and let the people become happy. We can have a world that’s filled with serenity. We can still have a world without guns and ammunitions. We can throw up the idea of war with a little love. Wars can be one without defeat. Every scar can heal overtime. 


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