The Dew Moistening a Burden. 

I was looking up at the sun which was almost covered by the dusky clouds and seeing people closing their windows and running to get some shelter seemed bizarre. The cool breeze mixed up with some droplets of chilled water was coming across my face and I never wanted the moment to end. The rain was leaving behind a rich smell that reminded me of my childhood when I found happiness in all the bits and pieces that were scattered in all directions. We would collect the memories and gather them to form something that completes us. The water slushed in to the tiny pools of mud and rainwater. The kids were hurdling across the city that a few hours earlier was shrivelled. I don’t know how many people think that a downpour is a feeling of sadness but I think the adverse. I’ve always enjoyed dancing in the rain though I never knew how to dance. Only in the books did this drizzle have a feeling of letting go and crying it’s heart out whenever it felt like. It also encourages you to cry with it and doesn’t leave you until you feel like you’ve done enough and snivelling for something that should not matter is not right. It let’s you breathe when the populace didn’t even let you inside when you caused for no harm to them. You just tried too hard to lose yourself that you came out to be lost. The pressure was building up on you but it was too late for someone to apprehend. They appreciated you until they thought you would do good to them but threw you right away when you could not live up to them. You fell flat on your faces.

The trees were now dripping the last of the drops that didn’t touch the ground. Some drops fell on your head and they tried arduously to make you hold your ground even when they weren’t there for you. The only one who will be left behind is you. The drenched ground was soon beginning to get dry by the bright sunlight that shone over your head.You were thrown aback by the wonders you never noticed happened in your life but you were unmindful of them. The sun implied something as well by the luminesce it had created. 

Rain went away but it left traces so that you never forget what it wantedwanted you to be. The water that was left behind tried to catch up with the inner ground. They were complete now. 


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