She always had that shadow behind or beneath her that wasn’t her flaw but it reminded her of what lies and sorrows hid underneath her skin. She was made up of flesh and bone but no one knew what had made her this diffident. Coming across the grandstand made her shiver,  she could hear her teeth clicking or her feet trembling with awkwardness. She lived in a broken home surrounded by inept circumstances. Never did she love herself let alone anybody else. She thought she was the only one infelicitous enough to live as a walking tragedy. She knew the meaning of rage but never did she find the meaning of beatitude as far as she had lived. She would let her mascara smudge, she didn’t know how to contour her nose, she never had many shades of kajal in her shelf. She never relied on her clothes for looking good. She didn’t dress up well, she didn’t tie her hair like any other girl, she didn’t wear make up, she was obnoxious, yet she was beautiful.

He was flattered by a sight of her. He could die just to make her fall in love with him. He didn’t care about the macrocosm for he found happiness for the first time in his life. He never enjoyed his time living in a Lexus cage. Money never bought him elation. He walked with his face turned down making people joke about him. He wore spectacles that were bigger than his face. He was trying to cope up with this fast-paced world. He dreamt of making the world his to hold. He wanted to live a life that didn’t depend on anybody else’s happiness. He was blessed but never did he find any blessings in his life himself. Tired of this mundane world, never did he become a recidivist. He believed in the Lord almighty because he thought that he would send a saviour for him sooner or later. SHE was the saviour.

When they met for the first time, he could hear many voices in his head telling him she was the one worth all the wait. Heartbeats grew faster but the reason could not be secerned. It was teenage love but it seemed ages old. Neither of them knew that out of a gigantic number of people, they would cross paths. None knew anything better than giving up before them meeting. No one felt this happy before.
This was yet just the beginning.


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