Abundant Skies.

Did you see the blue sky moving with us? The panoramic view was Splendiferous. No matter how hapless you are or were, it is accompanied by magnificence.The blue in the skies was caressing the white and the boundaries were abundant. They might be many light hours away from me but I couldn’t deny the cipher that was hidden behind them. Though they were visionary, they meant something. It was a feeling of infatuation.

“I feel as though I was deceived, never found love in the city”- these lyrics have always been truthful to me. I tried to cheat on my despicabilities but they beguiled me. On the contrary, they made me learn the meaning of radiance in this reality. When I first went to a new school, I never realized who I was and who I ought to be. I never realized that I’m straying away from what can throw me to the threshold of reality. I never found a compadre nor did I find somebody to love. I didn’t find someone in front of whom I can feel loved too. Maybe I was too infernal to imbibe the situation or too soaked up by my throes. I never realized someone’s admiration in seeing my face.I have been hiding a lot from people and myself too. I don’t know if I belong here or am I too cold for a shoulder. I disappear into the state of being stone cold. I cry but I never let my tears soak in the happiness that lies behind, hoping someday I can make it. Some day, the world will be flattered in seeing the rainbow after a downpour.

Maybe, sometime I can really figure out what this galaxy has for me or I can stay hiding my face forever.

And I won’t damnify myself with the latter for sure.


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