Another Love.

He was treasured by everyone in the encompassing ranges. He adored many people, but not someone as much as her. All the moments around her were woolgathering for him.He might be truthful to all and sundry, but never to her. She appeared mysterious to him.He lived a lamentable life, disappearing at a sight of her.

She was lost and deeply engaged in the aftermath of her life and all about she cared. She was often obnoxious about the spectators never knowing that she could hurt someone this bad.She didn’t care about anyone until she lost herself. Her life had just furbished up after the cataclysm.

He stargazed even when she was there, right infront of his eyes. He kept on disobliging his own self. He gave her a hunting ground that nobody could see.

She could see him relishing her. There was very much in common between them but they were victimizing themselves for their heart and their soul.

No one knew where this betrayal would lead them to.


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