In the wild of my disturbed heart.

I have been getting some feedback on the adverse. So, I tried to write a life experience. I would be grateful if you discriminate the flaws out of this.

So,  it’s been a while since I came into a new city, “the city of the damned”, as I call it.  People actually call it the “city of joy”, not for me though. I’ve been getting feelings of delirium since the beginning.  I try to talk to people but a sudden  oblivion hits me, I’m shaking. All I can ask is that “was it meant to be?”. A feeling in the gut like prickling , tingling and pressure is all I can feel. Is it a silent panic attack or am I just over thinking it?  I have never been able to open up to people until another disaster hit me and shattered me into pieces.  Agony has always been a companion,  a real one.  I found peace and sympathy in my Fandom. I tried to hide the tears  into a cave of my heart but it turned out to be worse.

Will joy ever pass through the deserted Boulevard in the corner of which I live? Will there be a world without betrayal?


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